Brass mounting bushings SKU MH.11

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NEW Now set of 15 brass collets in sizes Ø15-22mm. Perfect for use with Classic QC ring fixtures and 3X Line. Durable construction will withstand hammering. It also includes a radius divider for quick and easy layout. The steps on the sides are especially designed for fishtail setting and multi-sided setting on micro bands. (picture shows set of 11)

Temporary available Additional 4 sizes Ø20,5-22 to complete your set of 11 Brass collets purchased in the past!

To use the collets with Orbital Holder simply connect them via the 3X Holder screw and cylinder and enjoy improved accessibility to your work.

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MH.11.B NEW set of 15 sizes Ø15-22m (+€ 180,00), Organizer incl Brass & Plastic Collets as on picture (+€ 250,00), MH.11.A Set of Additional 4 sizes Ø20,5-22 (temporary available) (+€ 28,00)